• Chemical Name: 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
  • Dosage: 20mg tablet
  • Amount: 50 tablets


Fusion Turinabol is our premier Turinabol (T-bol) supplement explicitly made to be a highly productive oral steroid for use in a bodybuilding or athletic regime. If you decide to use our unique and powerful blend of Turinabol, you can expect to gain pounds of lean muscle mass quickly.

Create the Ultimate Stack with Fusion Turinabol

When used together in a stack with one of our testosterone base products, you will watch your muscles grow, and your strength build with a little adjustment to your current regime.

What is Fusion Turinabol?

Fusion Turinabol is an oral androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) whose real name is Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (CDMT). CDMT is the 4-chloro-substituted derivative of methandienone (dehydromethyltestosterone).

Chemistry aside, the anabolic to androgenic ratio of 54 to 6 means that although the potency isn’t the highest, you can avoid the worst of the side effects commonly associated with such compounds.

An interesting side story concerns the East German Olympic team. For decades (1960-90’s) they were secretly taking Turinabol and the difference in their medal count for that period shows it. With a case study like that there can be no doubt to the effectiveness of this steroid for athletes across the board.

Reasons to Take Fusion Turinabol

  • More vascularity

  • Increase in your natural strength and gains

  • Improved recovery rate

  • A more mild form of D-bol

How Do You Use Fusion Turinabol?

This steroid is taken orally with a dosage and frequency determined by your body type, goals, and reactions. A standard recommended dosage would resemble around 50mg a day for 1-6 weeks. Turinabol has a half-life of 16 hours so a daily dosage would suffice.

Turinabol is best stacked with a testosterone base so you can see the results you truly want.


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