Testosterone Enanthate


  • Chemical Name: Testosterone Enanthate
  • Dosage: 300mg/ml
  • Amount: 10mL

Testosterone Enanthate

Fusion Testosterone Enanthate is a modern take on classic treatments for those looking to boost their testosterone levels. Using the same time-tested ingredients prescribed by doctors, Fusion Testosterone Enanthate can boost physique, physical performance and sexual drive in men.

 A More Powerful Future with Fusion Testosterone Enanthate

This product is best used in low dosages over short intervals to give you a regular and dramatic increase in your testosterone levels and your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone. You will begin to see and feel the effects very quickly. This method has been used both by athletes and in medical treatments for many years now.

What is Fusion Testosterone Enanthate?

This has made it a suitable drug, and commonly prescribed, for people who have issues producing enough of their own testosterone; and is used in order to allow them to have an adequate sex drive or more masculine attributes.

There are many other reasons, however, why one would want to supplement their testosterone production. Older men with fatigue and low libido can often gain much from more testosterone. T-level drops due to age and medical conditions are standard, but not exclusive reasons for using Testosterone Enanthate. This drug is considered to have strong androgenic effects and powerful anabolic effects.

Reasons to Take Fusion Testosterone Enanthate

  • Overall Testosterone Boost

  • Increased sexual drive

  • Increased strength and ability

  • Muscle Mass Increase

  • Increase in ‘masculine’ attributes

How Do You Use Fusion Testosterone Enanthate?

Fusion Testosterone Enanthate is a viscous fluid that you inject intramuscularly into the buttocks at one to four-week intervals. The drug is suspended in sesame oil and has a release period over multiple weeks. To avoid fluctuating hormone levels, lower dosages are better over shorter intervals.


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