Testosterone Cypionate

Fusion Testosterone Cypionate is our brand version of a form of testosterone introduced for medical use in 1954 and is an extremely commonly used testosterone ester. In recent years it has seen a resurgence and many new brands and form of began to appear. Our Fusion formula uses only the purest ingredients to ensure effective and safe use.

Build Up Your Body with Testosterone Cypionate

Fusion Testosterone Cypionate (Fusion Test-C) is our brand version of the most used testosterone replacement therapy in the world. A shot of this is traditionally used to treat hypogonadism, low-testosterone, in men. As its fame grew, bodybuilders began employing physicians to help them create a dosage schedule. Athletes have also found many of the physical enhancements from higher testosterone highly beneficial.

What is Fusion Testosterone Cypionate?

The use of Testosterone Cypionate is shown to benefit various aspects of physical development and muscle growth. These benefits have been used extensively in both the medical field and privately by athletes and trainers. It is one of the more popular and best understood testosterone enhancers. Sex drive, hair growth and other forms of ‘masculine’ development are also encouraged by usage.

Reasons to Take Fusion Testosterone Cypionate

  • A Large Testosterone Boost.

  • An increase in your sexual drive.

  • Grow and build muscle faster.

How Do You Use Fusion Testosterone Cypionate?

Fusion Testosterone Cypionate is injected into muscle or subcutaneously every 1-4 weeks depending on your needs. The mg of your shot will depend on your goals as well. Usage ranges between 50 to 400 mg, showing just how different reactions and needs can be. Some bodybuilder may reach into the 500mg range! Consult a professional before deciding on your personal cycle plan.


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