• Chemical Name: Mesterolone
  • Dosage: 50mg tablet
  • Amount: 50 tablets


What if I told you that taking a simple tablet could help your body build muscle, burn fat, increase its sex drive, and overall look and feel better? Well, Fusion Proviron is an easily digestible tablet that does precisely that.

Let Fusion Proviron Take Your Testosterone Levels Higher

Originally formulated to treat men with hypogonadism, this testosterone boosting tablet is now available for you to benefit from as well.

What is Fusion Proviron?

Fusion Proviron is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is orally taken in a tablet form.

Initially used by doctors to treat men with low testosterone and to help their fertility, it has since found a welcome home with athletes and powerlifters at the highest levels of competition. Fusion Proviron comes with all the same positive (increased energy levels, for example) and negative (possible acne, for example) that are typically associated with an increase in testosterone levels.

Proviron has stronger than average androgenic effects and weaker than average anabolic effects, making it better for emphasizing masculine traits and boosting sex drive and energy levels than it is for pure mass gain.

Reasons to Take Fusion Proviron

  • Enhancing male sexual drive

  • Increasing energy levels

  • Boosting of muscle recovery rate

  • Affects fat and muscle distribution

How Do You Use Fusion Proviron?

Fusion Proviron is a tablet that requires you to do a bit of research and ask some questions before you will know exactly how much you should start with. Many professionals have utilized this supplement before and offer differing opinions on the best stage in your cycle to begin to utilize it. Your body’s unique reaction, as well as your overall goals, will determine your usage levels.

A usual treatment for a man in a medical environment trying to boost his testosterone levels is roughly one tablet, three times a day. You swallow the tablet whole with water.


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