• Chemical Name: Tamoxifen Citrate
  • Dosage: 20mg tablet
  • Amount: 50 tablets


Fusion Nolvadex is exceptionally high-quality tamoxifen citrate that you can take orally in tablet form. This is an antiestrogen that will work to protect your gains and muscle mass from your body trying to balance out estrogen levels.

Fight Back Estrogen with Fusion Nolvadex

When you increase your testosterone intake with supplements, you will quickly add mass and muscle, but your body reacts to this by trying to produce more estrogen. Fusion Nolvadex stops this chemical production from taking away from the hard work and testosterone boost you have undergone.

What is Fusion Nolvadex?

This is a nonsteroidal antiestrogen that works within your body to ensure that your testosterone increases from performance enhancement products don’t lead to a counter-insurgence of estrogen in your body.

This ensures that you are able to increase mass and muscle definition without worrying about many of the adverse side-effects estrogen brings to an athlete or bodybuilder – like annoying fat deposits including the unwanted ‘male boobs’.

Although originally created with medical purposes in mind, Nolvadex was quickly found to benefit those looking to achieve maximum physical results from their training and supplements.

Reasons to Take Fusion Nolvadex

  • Limit the adverse effects of estrogen on your training regime

  • Maintain and maximize your testosterone levels

  • Keep your body in the correct chemical balance for your needs

How Do You Use Fusion Nolvadex?

Fusion Nolvadex is taken orally as part of a bigger training regime that includes large amounts of gym time and enhanced testosterone levels. In these instances, Nolvadex will have its maximum beneficial effects on your body.

You will need to do research and consult experts aware of your goals and training plan to understand the correct dosage and frequency required.


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