• Chemical Name: Methyltrienolone
  • Dosage: 500mcg tablet
  • Amount: 50 tablets


Fusion Methyltrienolone has been created from the best available ingredients out there and is of such high-quality as to warrant the Fusion brand name. You won’t find a better supplier for your Metribolone/methyltrienolone needs.

Promote More Muscle and Cut the Fat With Fusion Methyltrienolone

Fusion Methyltrienolone is Fusions take on the ever-popular Metribolone, also known as methyltrienolone. This is an incredibly potent steroid that can be taken orally and will quickly boost your body’s ability to tack on muscle and burn off fat. You will look and feel incredible without needing to inject yourself unnecessarily. Push your training further quickly and easily.

What is Fusion Methyltrienolone

Though originally developed and used in scientific research, methyltrienolone has since gone on to be taken up mainly by athletes and bodybuilders needing that extra leg up.

This is amongst the most potent AAS to have been created! 15 members of the Greek Olympic Weight lifting and track and field team back in 2008 were caught using this substance. While this is an example of such products being used for cheating, it also demonstrated the power and versatility of methyltrienolone.

Reasons to Take Fusion Methyltrienolone

  • Promotes muscle cell growth

  • Promotes increased burning of fat

  • Very potent orally taken steroid

How Do You Use Fusion Methyltrienolone?

The potency of Fusion Methyltrienolone means that although it is an excellent tool for your cutting phase (for example), you are unlikely to be able to handle another oral dose in the same stack or cycle. It would just be too toxic for you to handle at once. You will need to stack some injectable testosterone to see the maximum potential of those supplements really take effect.

Consult experts and professionals about how you can best work this substance into your training regime safely and effectively. Keep doses low, especially at first, perhaps even under the recommended amount before you know how your body reacts. Cycle for a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks at a time.


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