• Chemical Name: Nandrolone Decanoate
  • Dosage: 300mg/ml
  • Amount: 10mL


Fusion Deca is our unique blend of one of the oldest and most effective anabolic steroids out there. Durabolin first appeared with the name nandrolone and has since gone on to become one of the most popular anabolic androgenic steroids out there. From athletes wanting to blow through their earlier limitations to a broad array of medical uses, nandrolone has been extremely useful in enhancing human bodies.

Let’s Build a Better You with Fusion Deca

Fusion Deca will provide a dramatic increase in your testosterone levels. Within only a few weeks of usage with a regular workout routine, the changes to your body will become apparent. Durabolin has been used by thousands of athletes and ordinary people needing a boost to their testosterone levels.

What is Fusion Deca?

One of the significant benefits of Fusion Deca is that it retains nitrogen in the body to assist in further protein synthesis. With an increase in protein synthesis, your body then has the protein to begin to increase your mass.

Fusion Deca also leads to an increase in collagen synthesis which promotes joint health as well as increasing the IGF-1 levels that lead to more growth hormones being accessible by your body. The rise in testosterone and reduction of muscle breakdown will help bolster mass and strength as well.

The end result is a product that helps you increase your overall mass and strength, making it very popular amongst bodybuilders. There are also many other professions and medical conditions that may benefit from having increased testosterone levels and strength.

Reasons to Take Fusion Deca

  • Enhances your testosterone levels

  • Increases your overall sexual drive

  • Produces a dramatic increase in mass and strength

  • Enhances your ‘masculine’ attributes

How Do You Use Fusion Deca?

With Fusion Deca you can expect around eight weeks, or two to three months, to achieve clearly visible results. It is injected deep into the large muscle like the buttocks or upper arm. When starting with Fusion Deca it is recommended that a dosage relative to your body’s lean mass index be used. You can find your lean body weight by subtracting your fat percentage from your body weight.

Do your research and consult a professional when planning a Fusion Deca and exercise cycle.


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