• Chemical Name: Anastrozole
  • Dosage: 1mg tablet
  • Amount: 50 tablets


Fusion Arimidex is a unique answer to when you are needing a way to combat rising estrogen levels due to usage of other performance enhancing compounds. We went out and found the most potent ingredients to create a blend specially tailored to the bodybuilding and athletic crowd – something rare when it comes to Arimidex compounds.

Balance Your Body Chemistry with Fusion Arimidex

At Fusion, we know what you need to look and feel your best and have brought you this to give you the estrogen solution you need in a simple easy to take tablet.

What is Fusion Arimidex?

Fusion Arimidex, also known by the chemical name anastrozole, is an aromatase inhibitor, meaning that it will give you a simple oral means of cutting the side effects of estrogen out of your body. While it was initially developed for use in medical treatments, you can still use anastrozole to counteract the increased estrogen production caused by taking testosterone boosting supplements. We have created a proprietary Fusion Blend for just that purpose.

When you decrease estrogen, your body begins to tack on more muscle, and you will see a dramatic uptick in male traits like aggression and sexual drive. This added energy level is often used by athletes to push even farther in the gym.

Reasons to Take Fusion Arimidex

  • Inhibit the effects of estrogen on your body

  • Counteract and balance out increased estrogen production due to the use of other enhancing compounds

How Do You Use Fusion Arimidex?

Fusion Arimidex is best used in tandem with a more substantial regime and testosterone boosting compounds. This will help you avoid unsightly fat placement on your chest and hips.

Dosage and frequency will need to be determined on a case by case basis and should be done by a professional with knowledge of your training regime and goals.


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