• Chemical Name: Oxandrolone
  • Dosage: 20mg tablet
  • Amount: 50 tablets


Fusion Anavar is the Fusion blend of the popular oral tablet Anavar commonly taken to bolster weight gain and overall mass of various athletes. Using these professionals as an example, it is proven this steroid can help you reach a whole new level in your training and overall body size.

A Bigger and Better Body with Fusion Anavar

Additional benefits also deal with an enhanced sexual drive and muscle recovery rates during usage. Size, physique, and performance can all benefit under careful and responsible use in a training regime.

Fusion has ensured that our brand of Anavar is sourced from the finest possible products for the maximum benefits and overall quality. These scientifically backed results are coupled with our unique approach to customer care and satisfaction for an optimal experience.

Don’t settle for second rate supplements when your body is on the line.

What is Fusion Anavar?

Fusion Anavar is an androgen and anabolic steroid that utilizes oxandrolone to give one’s body an increased ability to gain and keep on weight. It was initially formulated and used with medical purposes in mind, but athletes and those in need of boosting performance or physique quickly latched onto it as a useful supplement for bulking up. This is an oral drug and is easier to take than other similar steroids.

Fusion Anavar has more anabolic effects than androgenic effects making it more viable for women. Unlike other oral tablets, this has no pronounced effect on the liver.

Reasons to Take Fusion Anavar

  • Increased gains in the bulking phase

  • Alleviates some joint pains

  • Muscle recovery enhanced

  • Strength boost

How Do You Use Fusion Anavar?

Fusion Anavar is taken orally as a supplement before and during your bulking phases to give you increased gains. Start with a low dosage around 15mg a day and gauge your body’s reaction. Women can start with something a bit lower. This is a stackable supplement.

Talk with a professional about how you can best and safely use Fusion Anavar in your future training program.


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